Hi, my name is Karin Ravasio. I live in Switzerland near ZΓΌrich.

Photography and desining items with my photos is my passion.

My photography brand is named Fotosbykarin.


Most of the content on my social media pages like twitter, instagram, facebook can be viewed for free.

The pictures may be shared with credit Fotosbykarin or Karin Ravasio.

Every other use without my explicit permission is not allowed.


I spend a lot of time to create great photographic content.

For this i want to have something in return. Therefore i sell my designs in different on-demand onlinestores and i will get a percentage royaliy money on every sale.

There is no stock. The items will be produced once they are ordered. They are available only online.


I’m also part in many affiliate marketing programs, where other peoples can earn money promoting my items with their associate number attached.

If you want to do this also and you don’t know how or where, write me a directmessage on a social platform and i will help you.

There may be also one of my own affiliate links from time to time. They will earn me a percentage on every sale. So i can get a cup of coffee 😁


Finally i earn a little amount of money through the advertisements on my wordpress pages.

Please let them load fully and wait 5 seconds. Thank you so much.

Who does a work, deserves to be payed for it.

Thank you so much for reading and for your continous support. I’m very greateful for this.

Have a wonderful day,