Cute yellow smiling sunflower, photo by fotosbykarin
The smiling sunflower

Sunflowers, the funniest summer flowers

Sometimes we see sumflowers with a funny human made face. It’s funny to play a little bit with these cheerful summer flowers.

The one in the picture above was nature made. There were two bees, looking as they were the eyes of the tall flower.

A half dried out sunflower in July
The humble sunflower

Because of the recent heat wave, most of the sunflowers are humbly looking down now. I took these pictures yesterday. Today it’s raining a little bit. So they can get their heads up again.

A ripening sunflower in the July heatwave
Bad hair day

Only a few ‘hairs’ left. I thought, this one looks funny too. And I like the blue sky, such a pretty color combo.

A pretty yellow sunflower in the blue sky, photo by fotosbykarin
The proud sunflower

Wishing you a very beautiful and cheerful weekend, Karin