Bye 2021 – Expect wonders now in 2022

It’s time to say Goodbye to 2021. Many people reflect these days on what’s going on and what to expect the next year. I read so many posts expressing doubt, fear, uncertainness, because the past was full of these things.

When I begin a photography walk, I often see nothing special. At the moment, there are death leaves on the floor, black tree silouettes, fog, all the delight seems to be gone and I don’t know, what to take a picture from.

Then I walk and decide to expect to discover something wonderful. Somtimes it takes longer, sometimes shorter as I progress with open eyes and an open mind for any photographic delight.

Perhaps we should begin the new year with the mindset of a healthy child. Children always expect something playful and to have fun. When they learn something and fall, they just get up and try it again without much drama. They don’t look at the dirt on theyr cloths, they don’t even bother. They simply expect to make progress and have joy on the way.

So I will leave behind, what was hindering last year and expect joy, fun, happiness, success, new experiences, interesting things to learn, health, sunshine, love, laughter, gratefulness.

And I wish you all these things and much more for 2022. Let us all togeter make this year the best ever!

#Newyear’s Eve