Hello October – i’m working a lot and enjoying beautiful days.

We finally made it to October. Welcome the golden month. Enjoy the last warm, sunny days.

Now it’s also time to prepare everything for the big sales at the end of Q4. That means lots of work for me. But I really love creating.

I work on my various printondemand-merchandise products. I think, nowadays, the printondemand industry is great, because there is no need to get stock items. The products get printed by the companies after they are ordered. (therefore no old stock waist).


Have a look at some of my colorful, natural designs here If you purchase a gift through this link, I will get a royalty fee, what would be much appreciated.

After work or on spare days get outside this month as much as you can to gather sunlight, the precious vitamin D3 and the wonderful nature and fall beauty.

Thank you very much for reading. Ehatever you do, may it be positive and successful.