The benefits of looking up

From time to time it’s good to look up.  It’s beneficial for your mood, posture, and for your alertness. As Andrew Hubermann explains, looking up sends signals to the brain to wake up. Here is the link to his incredibly interesting podcast episode about how to improve eyesight (he explains in depht, how it all works) You may jump as well to min 58. There he explains, why you should look up to send a sign of waking up to the brain to fight against tiredness.

It’s also very helpful for tired eyes to get breaks from screen working, to look far away, instead of right bevore your nose, to seek the horizon, to follow clouds or flying birds with your focus.

You even might discover some wonderful things looking up like the sundog below.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a wonderful sunday and a beautiful, successful, happy next week, Karin

#looking up