Enjoyed the warm weather – Hello fall

Big sunflower in sunshine
Bright sunshine

Goodbye summer

I enjoyed the (hot) warm weather very much, because summer is my favorite season.

But now i’m looking forward to the gorgeous fall months. October is great, with all the foliage turning into vibrant, beautiful colors.

Pumpkins will be everywhere, warm orange, red and brown colors will dominate, hot spices will make food very delicious.

Cold weather gives us the perfect excuse to stay indoors with a tasty cup of tea or coffee, bingewatching tv or working on a great project.

Now it started raining. During the night temperature will fall 10 degres Celsius.

Welcome fall

Sun hiding behind a little cloud heart, nature photo by fotosbykarin
Sun hiding behind a little cloud heart

Thank you very much for reading.

Wishing everyone a cozy, safe, beautiful day,