Throwback thursday – time flies by

White, transparent dandelon and yellow field, nature photo by fotosbykarin
Transparent dandelion

Wow, i can’t belive how much i did in the last two years.

Time flies by so fast.

But there is so much more to come.

You can always learn more completely different things, every day has the chance of a new beginning.

Dark clouds over yellow field, landscape photo by fotosbykarin
I took this landscape shot a while ago, but it’s still beautiful

My new blog

I recently started a new blog, where i share tips on several topics.

To have a look, head over to

(on this blog you may share your comments and thoughts)

I’m grateful for every engagement and follow. It’s a new challenge, i’m writing more over there and i’m learning so many new things.

It’s good coming out of the comfort zone and starting new (nobody is perfect from scratch)

Thank you so much for visiting and for your continuous support,