New facemask designs in my Zazzle-ondemand-merchandise store

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As some of you may know, i like to design items with my photo designs like legging, shoes, clothes, licens plates, pillows, mugs, greeting cards, key chains and many others.

The platform i mostly use for designing and selling those items is called They have a great online designing tool, an awesome support and do a super great work producing my designed items. The items will be produced and shipped by them after order.

I already sold many zazzlemade items in over 40 countries allover the world, witch is absolutely great. It’s an awesome opportunity for creative designers to get seen and sold their work. A huge thankyou for this!

The newest items i added my designs to are face masks. They are super useful these days. And with my natural designs and colors they look great.

Please stop by my Zazzle-on-demand-merchandise onlinestore for more facemask designs and other items

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Thank you very much for reading and for supporting my photography.

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