Friday flowers / a bunch of flowers for you

Pink clover flower, nature photo by Fotosbykarin
Bright light

I love the bright light shining through this simple clover flower, it’s kinda magic.

White flower, macro nature photo by fotosbykarin
Beautiful detail

If you look close, you may find sheer beauty.

Flowers are nature’s soul.

Little insect sitting on pink clower flowers, nature photos by fotosbykarin
Hello my tiny friend

That’s the reason they are spreaded EVERYWHERE.

The bright flower colors are making us happy and uplifted. That’s scientifically proven.

White dandelion with dandelionseeds, flower photo by fotosbykarin
Nature’s art

I like to search unusual shapes of the dandelion flower. If you are following me for a while, you know, i have found and posted LOTS of them. The others should search them in the elder posts in the archives (if interested) or just have a look here

This dandelion flower is looking like a little ballerina dancing Swan Lake.

These flowers are for all those not being able to go out and enjoy them, so this post brings them to you.

Please share and give more people the possibility to enjoy our beautiful nature.

All the best for you, have a wonderful day, stay healthy and happy.