You are capable of more than you think.


You are capable of more than you think, just try.

Rainy weather let us have guilty free indoors-days, because there is no bright, lovely sunshine outdoors we could miss cuddling with the cushions, netflixing, reading a good book, having a beauty day or enjoying the dolce far niete at home.

For me the last few rainy days with the dark thunderstorms (it felt rather like november than midsummer) gave me the ideal opportunity to set up my brandnew blog .

What i love about building a new webpage

1. It’s great to start a new blog from scratch. I’m not soo good at the technical side of building a selfhosted webpage, but i already managed to install the first few widgets, setup plugins and even the WordPress follow button, witch i must admit, i’m pretty prowd of.

2.If you try to build a new blog, suddenly you see blogging in a different way. Other themes and topics let you focus on other things.

I learned a LOT more about SEO, page building and other stuff just because i was working on my new blog.

3. I can use this new knowledge for improving my first blog

4. It’s fun to create something new, to get new point of views, to come out of the comfortzone.

5. Everything new you learn you may use in multiple ways and get mutch from your efforts.

Try to achieve new challenges, you may discover you are capable of more than you think.

Wishing you a very nice weekend full of happiness, love, health and laughter,








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