Get it right, start over again

Sunray in the green meadow, full of flowers, nature photo by fotosbykarin
A sunray in the meadow

Is there someone in your life telling you making mistakes is a tragedy? Guess what? That is NOT true.

Learning new skills, building a business or relationship is like learning an instrument, it takes time, much time.

For a new business to establish it takes three years (that’s was i learned during my studies as a sales manager), mastering an instrument takes even much longer. I know that, because i practised violin for over 10 years. My parents were professional musicians. I heard soo often: try it again, again, start over and try it once more.

There is not a single music teacher telling you all the trials were wrong and you should better stop playing your instrument. No, they are nessecary ecperiences for you to learn what does work and what does not. You have to practice a lot and the mistakes are your little teachers on your way to success and one day they may be the indicators of your growth.

Two dandelions in the green meadow, nature photo by fotosbykarin
Life is practicing, enjoy the unperfect way

But nowadays nobody is patient enough. They would like to see results fast. They don’t bear the long period of trial and error, everything has to be perfect from scratch.

Businesses have not time to grow nowadays, relationships have to work without working on them, teams are put together and have to work immediately, mistakes are not allowed.

But live is not like that. Be patient with yourself and others. Take your time to learn and grow, to communicate, practice often. Perhaps someone will enjoy your practicing.

White dandelion with single seeds, nature ph9 by fotosbykarin
Imperfectness may be beautiful

And WHO is telling you what is considered to be the right way to do things? Do them YOUR way. Don’t harm anyone, but be yourself. Try, delete, start over again, learn, practice, be patient, enjoy. That’s the way life is.

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