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White spring blooms, nature photo by fotosbykarin
Lovely blooms

Finally, spring is in full swing. Lovely flowers are blooming, fresh green is growing everywhere. Bees are buzzing, gathering pollen and butterflies are fluttering around like crazy.

Green leaves, nature photo by Karin Ravasio
Fresh green

It would be so nice outside, if.. you know. BUT, it will be better this month. I hope.

Raindrops and sunshine, macro photo by fotosbykarin
Rain lets grow everything

We can celebrate this wonderful month despite of the restrictions we still have (not be able to travel, to make our dream holidays, not be alouded to work, not to.. there are so many things)

Beautiful spring flowers in the sun, nature photo by fotosbykarin
Life goes on

If you are healthy (and i hope you are), you will find other cool and beautiful things you can do this month: learning something new, getting a new job, rediscovering your own country, living healthier and more sustainable, taking care of yourself and your families.

Dandelion seeds, macro photo by fotosbykarin
Being grateful is awesome

You may have more time for celebrating thankfulness. Remember all the beautiful, lovely, happy moments. There is more to come 🙂

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