Happy earth day @ThePhotoHour @worldloveflower @PicPoet

Nature photo by fotosbykarin
The color yellow makes us happy

Honestly, i don’t get what humans are doing. During the social distancing period we had empty streets in the city, environments coud relax, breathe, get clean again.

Green plant photo by fotosbykarin
Green color makes us calm

But today i saw lots of litter and cigatette stubs spread allover little green spaces in the city.


Have you forgotten nature gives us so much: life, joy, a place to be, happiness, health, beauty and so much more.

Why do you waist that? Why are you too lazy to throw your litter in the next waistbasket?

Nature photography by fotosbykarin
Blue sky and sun brighten our day up

PLEASE take care to our earth, we have only this one.

EVERYONE could do a little bit to get a greener, helthier, cleaner nature.

Happy earth day everyone, stay safe.