Pretty flowers and beautiful nature for you

Pretty nature photos ftom the natureblog
Spring colors

You can’t go outside because of the crisis or because you are (cronical) ill?

So i invite you to look at the posts of my nature blog

That’s what i do if i can’t go out. And it makes me smile. I already posted so many pictures i made during the past years.

And it makes me feel utterly grateful. Because i saw soo many beautiful little nature wonders. Colorful flowers, beautiful landscapes, awesome sunsets, waterdrops looking like diamonds, magical ice cristals, delicate spiderwebs and many other pretty things.

So if you are tired to be locked down, go on a virtual nature voyage klicking on a recommended post under each of my posts or use the archives to vitit elder posts.

I hope this may help you enjoy nature during your social isolation. It would be a joy for me, because i spent hours and hours bending over the soil, looking very close, using all my (macro) photography skills to take the best photos for you. I hope you will enjoy them.

Thank you for stopping by,

have a great day,