How to earn as Zazzle affiliate. Many thanks for your sales!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. That means, if you purchase something through one of these links, i will get a small fee.

How to earn as a Zazzle Associate

Many of my Zazzle products are sold by affiliates (Zazzle Associates).

First of all: THANK YOU

Many thanks to the Zazzle associates for promoting my Zazzle products and congrats on your sales! Many thanks to the buyers as well !!  I’m very grateful for this. It’s a joy to know, so many people all over the world are liking and using my Zazzle items.

For a sneak peek

Have a look at my Zazzle designs

I’m looking forward to what products you love most.

This is my most sold leggins design from
My most sold leggings design. Click the image to see the product on the webpage-

More affiliates wanted

Who else would like to refer to my Zazzle gifts? Are you new to the Zazzle affiliate program? Everyone can take part.

How to earn as a Zazzle Associate

1. you need an account at 

Enroll in the Zazzle Associates Program.  I think you have enrolled in the program automatically when you are signed up. (you can unenroll from the Associate program on the Associate page if you won’t take part. Scroll to the bottom of the page)

Please note: you will earn royalty only if your Zazzle Associates number is attached to the products, you are promoting on your website or blog. If you are logged in, the referral number will be attached automatically, while you share the product directly on the product page, using the little link icon under the item.

But it may be, you like to attach the Associate number manually.

Where do you find your Associate number?

Hover your cursor over your profile pic on the top right of the site. A little menu pops up. Klick on earnings. On the next page, click on Associates. In the Associate Center, you will find your number and how to use it correctly.

2. learn step by step how the Zazzle affiliates program works

follow these steps and begin to earn

3. promote your affiliate links on your webpage and your social media pages

4. enjoy your royalty earnings

I’m very happy to have so many helpful promoters, it means the world to me 💕 And the best part of it is, we are both earning, so it’s a great win-win situation.

I love it to design products with my photos
White swan cup, available online at

One of my Zazzle product designs: White swan cup

Thank you for reading, for your interest in my artwork, and for your continuous support.

It’s much appreciated!

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