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Macro photo of sparkling water droplets by Karin Ravasii

It’s still rainy and stormy outside, i did not take any pictures today. So for Sunshine’s macro monday i share some photos i took on a sunny day.

I like it very much to go out short after the rain has stopped falling. The bright sun is reflecting in the bigger water drops and all the little ones are sparkling and glittering.

Rain droplets often provide gorgeous natural patterns.
Natural pattern

For me looking at the little shiny water dropplets and seeking the most beautiful natural patterns is like discovering a wonderworld.

These rain droplets look loke tiny  bubbles
Little bubbles

These drpolets look like tiny bubbles. They are so cute.

Macro photo of gorgeous water droplets on a green leaf by fotosbykarin

Rain droplets are as fragile as glass. And i’m so glad to have the possibility to conserve their beauty through my photography.

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