Hello february

It's february, days are getting longer, spring is on its way
Getting some sunshine

What i like about february?


No, i’m joking. But there is also a little bit of truth in this joke, because i don’t like the weather in february – at all.

First the things i like. It’s better to see the positive things (firstly).

1. Days are getting longer.

Ok, that’s true and i’m really grateful for this. But the nights are still soo dark.

2. Spring is on it’s way

I always enjoy to discover the first snowdrops and other cute little flowers showing up in the second month of the year. For me as a nature photographer there will pop up many new photo subjects, flowers, buds, seeds and the first insects, that will be great !

3. Warmer temperatures

I think we have to wait until the end of the month, but THEN we will enjoy the warmer sunshine and it will be awesome to stay outside for a lomger time without freezing.

Early in the morning, the streets of Zürich are not crowded
Zurich early in the morning

4. Ski holidays

Not for me anymore. But many people love it to go skiing or snoarbording during the “sport holidays” as we say here in Switzerland. The villages up in the mountains are crowded and the rush hours around Zürich will not be as big as usual.

5. The month is shorter

It’s the shortest month of the year, this is funny.

What i don’t like about february

1. The weather

At the moment it’s windy and stormy. Not even an umbrella is useful to protect us from this weather. Things are flying around, it’s rather dangerous to drive. Tree branches or flying stones could damage the car.

After the cold nights, plants are covered with rime ice
Morning frost

2. The cold

At the moment, it’s warm but next week, the cold will be back. There will be freezing temperatures during the night and probably we will get some snow. I hope not lots, but we newer know. Sometimes it’s snowing often in february and i don’t like this at all, because it’s enough with this cold winter weather for me, i’m longing for the warmth in spring.

3. Winter cloths

It was cozy to be enwrapped in warm winter jackets, wearing gloves, scarf and warm boots, but now i would like to get rid of them.

4. Not enough light

The nights are still long and dark, fog is often hiding the sun and there is not much light for great bright pictures. The sky is gloomy and the trees are still mystical black silouettes. This might have its own awe, but i’m looking forward to the growth of fresh green, to the beautiful spring blooms and the warmth and brightness of the spring.

Swan enboying the sun in the Rhein river
Looking forward to spring


Hello february

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