Macro monday / little yellow flowers

Macro photo of winter jasemine blooms
Bright yellow blooms

Yesterday i saw these little, cute flowers and thought: It’s still january and winter, how it’s possible to find flowers blooming?

I really enjoyed the touch of color. It’s way too gray driving through the fog and not seeing nothing but a gloomy wall in front of the car. Sometimes that may be nice and mystical as well, but not always. So i had a close look and took some macro photos showing theĀ  beauty of the bright colored blossoms.

Being at home and checking my social media accounts, i found a picture taken by a fellow blogger showing the same little yellow flowers. He spotted them as winter jasmine, a species, that blooms in the winther months.

Winter jasemine blooming in january
We enjoyed the yellow color of the winter jasemine in the blue sky

What a wonderful nature gift for the snow- and fog- tired humans to cheer them up and spread a little bit of bright color in anticipation of the lovely spring flowers coming up soon. Can’t wait šŸ™‚

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