Cee’s Fun Foto challenge / summer

Delicate dandelion seeds and colorful sunset sky, macro photo by fotosbykarin
Summer evening

Honestly, i miss summer, it was way tooo cold for me this week. I don’t like my fingers freezing off. Although it’s beautiful outside during the winter months as well, i miss the cheerful summer feeling. Have a look at the butterfly in the short video below.

[wpvideo LsGTdJ4M data-temp-aztec-id=”7d350ea5-50e9-44d9-9a39-b7b21756c3d0″]

Summer is just great with all the colorful flowers, gorgeous butterflies and dragonflies flying around. The bees and birds are lovely to look at, many people are enjoying water sports like swimming in the lakes or rivers or they are on their sail boats.

Gorgeous sunshine refmecting on the water of the rhine riber
Sunshine in the Rhein river, Switzerland

There are so many beautiful photo subjects and i love the sunshine and the deep green of the tree leaves.

 Sundown over the Nordsee, B├╝sum, Germany
Sunset over the North sea, Germany

Traveling is much more agreable in the summer months for me. I like the long, warm evenings, the colorful sunsets, the blooming nature, the sightseing tours, the strolls in the cities, shopping tours and sitting outdoors in a nice cafe.

Sightseeing in Paris, my camera is always ready to take pictures
Seine, Paris, France


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: summer

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of summer feeling.

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