Becky’s January squares: words ending with -light / feather-light

Becky's january squares challenge words ending with light
White feather with tiny water droplets

This is my contribution to Becky’s january squares challenge. The theme is: words ending with – light like sunlight, delight, moonlight…

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Many things in nature are feaderlight, grab your camera and shoot a macrophoto
Leaves and spidersilk in gorgeous light

I think this is a phantastic prompt, because light is rare and precious during this winter month january.

I have already made a post in this challenge, using the words delight and sunlight

In this posts i show you photos matching the word feather-light. I like delicate and tiny things in nature. You have to look close to find them and often it’s quite difficult to get a great picture of them.

The dandelion seed and the spidernet are both feaderlight
A dandelion seed caught in spider silk

The dandelion seed and the spiderweb are both featherlight. How gorgeous is nature, and how delighted you will be, if your eyes are attentive to take notice of the little wonders.

Nature is just gorgeous
Natural crochet work

I love this gorgeous withered leaf. It looks if my granny had made a crochet work as she always did.

Landscape photography by Karin Ravasio
Feaderlight clouds and sunrays

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