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Frosty ice cubes, macro photo by Karin Ravasio
Gorgeous rime ice

Winter, cold, frosty temperatures and sun, what else could be bettter to make the winter wonderland perfect and beautiful.

Rime ice on green plant
Lovely gren leaf covered with white frost

Many people love the snow because of their addiction to winter sports like skiing or snoaboarding.

Patern made by nature
Natural rime ice pattern

For me winter sport means searching wonderful icy shapes, colors and natural hoar frost patterns. I could not get enough. It’s a big awe.

Natural rime ice pattern on brown leaf, macro photo by Fotosbykarin
Hoar frost pattern on sunny leaf

The sun shining on the icy leaves and plants produces beautiful light effects. It’s glittering and shimmering everywhere.

Macro photo of gorgeous shaped rime ice cubes
Rime ice

Keep your eyes open to discover the beauty of nature.

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