Sunday trees / winter silouettes

Sunshine over black tree silouettes
December Sunshine

December is the darkest month of the year and the trees are dark as well. Despite of the foliage lacking, the trees in the winter seasons are gorgeous photography subjects.

Ilike the branches looking like dark cut-outs on blue paper. And the warming sun is just a lovely contrast.

New green leaves will grow soon
Bare branches and beautiful blue sky / lovely natural pattern

It seems these branches are useless, but the new life is alredy growing in them, they have thousends of buds. We need to be patient until they are ready to develop new green leaves.

Beautiful color combo: green ivy, gray tree silouettes and blue sky, nature photography by Karin Ravasio
Winter colors

I love this color combo. The green ivy matches the blue sky. I enjoyed the sun today, but it was also pretty cold.

The pine tree don't loose the needles during the winter months.
Evergreen tree

The winter tree photos have rather a minimalistic look. Since i love minimalism very much i like the appearance of the few elements and playing around with colors and shapes.

Sunshine, the black rui and tree silouettes and blue winter sky
Black silouettes

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