Love, blessings and Merry Christmas

Swarovsky Santa

Last week we made a stroll in the city (Zürich) and i was delighted by the christmas lights and decorations. There is so much cuteness, brightness and light to admire now.

Beautiful highheels covered with diamonds
Cindarella’s shoes

I know it’s so tacky, but from time to time i love bling bling and the fairy world. Perhaps it would be the right time for a cute Disney film at the cinema?

So sparkling and beautiful
Sparkling christmas tree

I love it to see people at the christmas markets, giggeling and drinking hot spiced wine, enjoying the cheerfulness of the holiday season, children longing for christmas eve to open their gifts.

I wish everyone happy holidays and a very merry christmas. May you be celebrating or not, be safe, blessed, happy with your families or staying alone and never forget, there will always be someone, who loves you as you are.

Get you an Iloveyou- gingerbread heart
Market stall in the city

Get here a wonderful, colorful “I love you”-gingerbread heart for you or your darling.

Express your love at the moment you feel it. Everyone needs love.

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