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Cloudy weather in the morning, yellow sky
Morning sun

I really love clouds. They have so many beautiful shapes and the sun provides different shades of colors.

The yellow sky enlit by the morning sun, sending some sunrays was so lovely.

Lovely clouds and dark trees
Soft clouds with black winter tree silouettes

This photo i took in the evening. It’s rather mystical with the black tree silouettes.

Wonderful sky view
To rain or not to rain.. umbrella or not? snow or hopefully not?

Latety we had some short showers alternated by short sunny skies. I’m glad it wasn’t snowing yet, like the weather forecast predicted.

When the first snow arrives here, there is always a caos on the streets. Too many cars with summer tires are sliding around, Traffic jam everywhere. Train and busses delayed.

White clouds and blue sky reflecting in the Rhine river
Lovely clouds and blue sky reflected by the Rhein water

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