Fantastic views in Eglisau, Switzerland @ThePhotoHour @PicPoet

The sun reflecting in the Rhein river in Eglisau, Switzerland
Enjoying the sunshine and the calm Rhine river

Today the weather was wonderful. It wasn’t too cold anymore and the sun was shining brightly.

Beautiful view over the Rhein and Eglisau
View over the Rhein in Eglisau, Switzerland

So i made a stroll in Eglisau (Switzerland) and enjoyed the sun reflections on the Rhein river. It was absolutely FANTASTIC. The sky was covered with beautiful clouds, but there was enough empty blue space left to be reflected gorgeously by the water. I couldn’t stop admiring the wonderful colors.

Life safer in Eglisau
A splash of red color

And of course i took a few pictures of the beautiful landscape and the calm, bright, relaxing sceneries for you to enjoy as well.

Beautiful weather and calmness in Eglisau, Switzerland
Rheinufer in Eglisau, Switzerland

Sometimes for our mental and overall health, we need a little bit of time for ourselves, just to be quiet, relax and reload the batteries, to make a beauty care or spa day, to dream, read, sleep or whatever feels good.

White swan close-up photo
Beauty care

I hope you had a great weekend as well. I’m glad i enjoyed it, because i hear the rain and the upcoming storm wind outside now. It’s so important to enjoy every little happy moment.

Thank you for visiting, for reading and for all the likes. That means the world to me and it keeps me going on with my photography and my blogwriting.

Wishing you a bery happy, successful, lovely week,