December photo a day challenge, 5./ Evergreen trees

This is my entry for Citysonnet’s december a photo a day challenge. Read more about the challenge and the daily prompts on her page

The evergreen tree don't looses his needles in the winter months.


Almost all the trees have lost their foliage now. November and December winds have blown them down. The branches are black silouettes in the mostly gray sky.

But one species of tree don’t loose his leaves. He hasn’t any 🙂 There are many fir trees here in Switzerland and in Germany as well (especially in the Black Forest).

There are many evergreen fir trees in Switzerland and Germany

Fir tree in the Black Forest

Nature has given this tree a beautiful green needle coat against the cold winter storms. And for us humans the green color is soothing and comforting in the gray toned winter landscape.

A heartshaped fall leaf on evergreen needles.

Natural heart

Put your warm winter clothes on, go out for a walk in the forest, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the calmness and perhaps you may find a natural heart or another natural wonder.

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