Rheinfall, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

The view down from the car park to the Rheinfall
Rheinfall / Restaurant Schloss Wörth Switzerland

The Rheinfall is one of the great tourist attractions here in Switzerland, because i’t one of the three greatest waterfalls in Europe.

Normally it’s very crowded here. Travelers from everywhere comes to visit the waterfall. They takes selfies, makes photos with their cameras overall in the aera.

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Watch the water falling down, feel the force of the nature. The waterfalls hight is 23 meters and it’s width is 150 meters. From the car park looking down to the waterfall it’s not so impressive (1.picture). But the nearer you get to the water masses falling down, the wowed you will be.

Today not many people enjoyed to be here. But for me, it was something special. I enjoyed the calmness, the fresh air, the gloomy light, the lots of empty space.

Water falling down the Rheinfall
Water force

There were just a few admirers on the platform on the right side of the waterfall. In the summer months little ships ar cruising the river and bringing the tourists from here to the platform and the rock in the middle. The view from there is breathtaking.

From the viewing platform the view on the Rheinfall is breathtaking.
Viewing platform

But we prefered to have a coffee in the warm, half empty restaurant with the beautiful view.

Excellent view from the restaurant over the Rheinfall, Neuhausen, Switzerland
Restaurant Schloss Wörth, Rheinfall

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