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Beautiful night in Waldshut
Waldshut, Germany

It’s November and it’s getting dark outside early. Today is was not too cold so we made a little daytrip to relax and enjoy the romantic lights and views in Münstertal and Black Forest.

Golden sign and light
Staufen, Germany

I love the little village Staufen with all these old colorful and golden houses, little Cafes and shops.

Enwrapped in my cosy, warm winter jacked i enjoyed the stroll and the gorgeous location

Colorful houses and warm lights make you forget the November blues
Colorful houses in Staufen, Germany

The colorful houses, the warm lights and the wonderful warm tea or in one of the beautiful restaurants you may find everywhere in the Black Forest, made me forget the November blues and the gray weather and i felt warm and happy with my love.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well, full of love, beautiful moments and joy.

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