9 Things to do for a better mood

Plant enlighted by the sun
Light in the darkness

November is the month of the shadows and the fog. Days are getting shorter, it’s cold and crisp outside, the bright summer mood is vanished.

Many people suffer from winter depression. But there are a few little things we can do to feel better and they don’t cost the world:

9 Things to do for a better mood

1. Go for a 30 minutes walk. Even if the sky may be covered by clouds or fog, the daylight and fresh air makes yor feel better, if you do this on a regular basis.

2. Get you a daylight lamp. The bright light emproves the mood.

3. Drink a cup of a tasty herbal tea like roiboos with vanilla or other (heart-) warming spices.

4. Eat some veggies, many of them may give you more energy or let you feel better, because they improve the overall health.

5. Spend some time inside, relaxing, daydreaming and recharging your batteries. Candles, beautiful decorations may help for a romantic, cosy mood.

6. How about a DIY project or reading a book ?

7. Drink and sleep enough.

8. Make a spa day at home.

8. Sort your summer memories. Photos and prospects showing beautiful flowers and travel locations may bring you back some summer joy.

9. Spend time with family and friends.

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