Sunshine’s macro monday / fall leaves

A yellow autumn leaf producing a funny shadow
Light and shadow

Today’s Blogtober post is a contribution to Sunshine’s macro monday. Read more about it here

The first picture is not spectacular because of the color, but i like the light and the bizzarre shadow.

Yellow autumn leaf on a spidee silk an beautiful pond in the background.
The levitating leaf

The second picture is a levitating leaf with a beautiful pond in the background. If you would like to see this gorgeous view clear head over to this post.

Nature photo showing autumn leaves in blue water
Natural pattern

I really like to take photos of leaves in the water. They often form beautiful natural patterns and i love this color combo. This is why i’m addicted to nature photography. You may create something gorgeous out of nothing.

Minimalism: Beige fall leaves and pine needles in blue water
Nature is art: Minimalism

I hope you enjoyed the fall leaves photos. Have a great week full of new point of views, interesting experiences and joy.

Rose plant and colorful bokeh: nature photography by fotosbykarin
Withering rose and colorful bokeh

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