Water droplets

It was a gray day today, because the sun was hidden behind the clouds. But it was a wonderful one for me. After having a great lunch with my brother in Zürich city, i went back home, snaped my camera and went out.

The sun didn’t illuminate the fall leaves, didn’t intensify the colors. It was too cold for the insects to buzz around. Nearly all flowers are gone now.

But there were thousends of waterdroplets everywhere on the still green grass. So i decided to shoot some of them an practice, practice, practice. Water drops are such a beautiful photography topic.

My mother was a professional violinist. As a child i played the violin as well. My mum teached me to make my finger exercives every day and practice the scale to get acuracy. And even as i already played the violin many years she told me to not forget to repeat my finger exercises and to practice the scales. She did it too. Every-single-day., years aftee years. This was the secret of her wonderful art.

Nowadays i do the same with my photography. If you want to have success, you have to practice your scales.

Here are some water drpolets pictures for you i made with my phone. Thank you for reading and for your continous support.

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