Simple flower or nature art?

Pink and white clover flower

For me, nature is a big big artwork. In the simplest plants, flowers, leaves you may find something special, a gorgeous color, wonderful natural pattern.

If i see something that’s nice to me, i take a photo. Some of them i post on my natureblog or on my social media pages. So you can enjoy the beauty of nature the way i see it as well.

That’s the great thing about photography: i already have seen so many nature pics and despite of it i discover new besutiful photos in your posts or make new pictures myself.

I do love to create product- and clothing designs for my Zazzle-on-demand-onlinestores or other online salesplatforms.

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Many thanks to all the customers. It’s so great to know i sold my designs in many countries allover the world.

And a huge thankyou to my affiliates not getting tired to promote my products.

Macro photo of a pink and white clover flower with a tiny green insect.
The same flower as above. Did you see the tiny green insect?

Do what you love and you will be happy.

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