DO something against the climate warming

Colorful fall leaf in the blue sky
Colorful fall leaf

From time to time i reflect on what would be if we all would simplify our life. What if we would reuse things instead of throw them away.

What if we would DO something against the climate warming, instead of complain.

Photo of a yellow and bright red autumn leaf
Natural art painting.

Why not enjoy the landscape in your own country instead of flying miles and miles away. I mean not to cancel every flight, but why not stay from time to time at home.

Sunrays and orange fall leaf
Beautiful sunshine

Everybody may contribute a little bit to not throw plastic away. Reduce microplastic using peeling cream containing natural peeling grains like bamboo..

If we all help to preserve our beautiful nature, our children may enjoy it as well.

There are so gorgeous things to discover in nature like these colorful, orange fall leaves.

Stay safe, beware your environment and search for ways to live simplier and happier.

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  1. We can individually find little ways to reduce our personal effect on the ecosystem. I have tried to cut back on plastic with reusable grocery bags and reusable k-cups (use my own coffee instead). I know I can do more.

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