Sunshine for you

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was amazing. Today we made a short trip to the Schluchsee, Germany.

What a beautiful lake. It was a little bit crowded, because everyone was enjoying the sun. The weather was perfect, still warm and i could not stop to take pictures of the beautiful clouds and the splendid sun.

The lake was gorgeous. I love it to be here and make a stroll in the Black Forest. Even a few (sail) boats navigated on the blue water.

People comes from everywhere to be in this relaxing natural environment, hike around the lake, make a bycicle or boat tour.

Perhaps it was the last beautiful fall day to enjoy here for me. Soon it will begin to snow in this high plateau, the lake will be covered with ice and white snow during the winter months.

Thank you very much for reading and for your continous support.

Wishing you a great next week full of love, success and happy moments,


















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