What are you blogging about?

This post should be about YOU. I would like to know my audience better.

Now, after a year taking blogging more serios, i have 570 followers, and i appreciate every single like, follow, comment and retweet.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continous support, it means the world to me.

Feel free to tell me something about your blog. Are you blogging part time or full time, what are your goals?

Can we help you reaching your goals? Would some views help?

Do you earn money through Advertising or Affiliate Marketing?

Did you make good experiences with this?

I think the start, the first year is the most difficult. And the setbacks. It’s important to start every day new, to never, ever give up, to believe in yourself even if you see barely any success.

I’m curious to read about your blogging experiences.

PLEASE SHARE this post, so that others may participate as well.

Thank you for stopping by,

make it an awesome day











  1. My blog is sharing nature with everybody who will listen. I spent my career in an office. Now that I am retired, I spend as much time as I can photographing and communing with nature. It’s not a gift, it’s not my blaring opinion. It is me sharing what I love most with others.

  2. That’s great you found a way to express what you feel and think through writing. I think it’s so important to have a passion to enjoy, to share with others. Have a great day.

  3. Hi Jez, that’s a great story, thank you for sharing. Often a bad circumstance may result in a wonderful success, if we are willing to make the best out of it. And i’ m glad you got some inspirations from my photos. Yoir pictures are gorgeous as well. Happy klicking 😀

  4. Hi Karin, I started seriously photo blogging about 3-4 months ago when I broke my leg. I had around 6000 digital photos archived, and found that blogging was a good way to finally sort through them. I enter a lot of the challenges set by other bloggers as a way to expand my photography horizons. As my leg has mended, I’ve also used the challenges to go out and take more photos and grow my creativity. I enjoy following your blog because it again gives me different ideas on photography and how I can improve my own skill set​; and, of course, your pics are fantastic 😁

  5. Karin, I am entering my second year of writing and maintaining a blog. The emphasis is still focused with my poetry niche, but I enjoy writing short stories and sharing my photography. Being a retired teacher, my writing journey has become my passion.

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