Wonderful fall day

Beautiful view: sun reflecting in the water of the Rhine.
Beautiful fall: sun reflecting in the water

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather, catch the warm sunrays, let them produce this important Vitamin D for you.

Feel the joy watching the different fall colors. Get your cozy fall clothings on, go out and breath the fresh air. Or drink a cup of tea or coffee and read your favorite book.

Answer the questions:

What do you like more this weekend?

reading or watch telly

tea or coffe

outdoors or indoors

sweet or salty

orange or brown

hiking or being in the city

shopping or spa

Wishing you a very nice weekend,










  1. Outdoors, reading, tea, salty, brown, hiking, spa (although I haven’t been to one yet)! Nature inspires and soothes the soul! Lovely fall photo, Karin. 🙂

  2. Being outside is always a joy for me as well, thank you for commenting, have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I always prefer to be outdoors, whenever possible. I do my best thinking outside! Reading, coffee, sweet, brown, hiking, and I guess spa.
    Really enjoy your posts!

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