Please don’t send me spam mails!

If you are anything like me, you are getting lots of mails in your inbox. I get plenty of notifications from my social media pages, photography websites and much more.

If i would like to buy something, i would be the person doing the research.

If you are actif online, you are attracting people wanting to sell you something, to make business with them, to i don’t know what.

But if i would like to buy something, i do that on myself, i would like to compare options, to make online research or going shopping til i will find what matches my wishes best.


That’s the reason, i don’t like email-marketing. It takes me so much time to sort out and delete these (for me) useless e-mails, i don’t even read them.

You won 2.5 Million Dollars in a lottery

And there are These Mails overfloating my inboxes. Oh that would be nice wouldn’t it, to win a big, big amount of money in a lottery or to have drawn your e-mail adress by a big company as a winning one in a sweepstake.

But researching the names of the mailsender i found out, they are all scam. So i delete, delete, delete…

Would it not be great?

Ok, i must admit, mostly i delete these emails without thinking ot the. But lately i thpught: “What if i overlook a really winner mail. I would be angry with me all the time.

There are other ways to support me 🙂

If someone really would like to help me, to give me something back for my photography art, please don’t send me a donation- mail saying i will get 800k dollars. Do one of the following things instead.

Buy me a a few coffees online  (for the creator Fotosbykarin)  or visit my blogposts,  sell one of my zazzle-on-demand-products  referring to the links you have your associate number attached, or buy a few of my floral, natural Zazzle gifts


Thank you for reading and for your continous support, every visit, like, comment, follow helps to grow my photography brand Fotosbykarin, it means the world for me.

First of all i take photos and design products for my own and for others entertainment, because nature is soo beautiful and i would like to show it many many people the way i see it.

The emails i would like to get.

But it’s also great for me to get something in return. Your applause is great and i feel much joy, if i get an email notice “You made a sale”  These are the mail i like to read :))

Thank you for stopping by,

have a great day,












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