Welcome September

September is here, do you feel it? It’s not typical autumn weater here in Switzerland. The last days were warm, almost hot.

Bye bye summer

I really enjoyed the extended summer for the following reasons:

1. I really love the summer heat

2. The trees are still deep green, what i like very much.

3. The days are long, the evenings are lovely and the sunsets wonderful (i could not stopping to watch and shoot the gorgeous sun reflecting on the Wadden sea).

4. Flowers are still blooming, many butterflies, bees and dragonflies around

5. Cricket sound (We heared it at the beginning of September, but not now)

6. Ice cream

7. Blue sky without fog

8. Full life in nature, clear, deep colors.

So i was glad to enjoy these things a little bit longer.

If you would like to enjoy the summer feeling a little bit longer too, scroll down to see my august or july posts, full of beautiful flowers and other gorgeous nature photos.

I specially recommend “Hello august” If you klick the cricket sound video, you will get the summer feeling back :))

By the way i’m really grateful for every klick on a blogpost and every visit for at least 5 seconds, because it’s the way i earn a little fee through the advertisements on my blog.

It’s a little return for my effort with my nature photography and blogging. Thank you very much !!

Hello September

I also do like the beginning of the autumn season. For every photographer it’s a symphony of warm colors and beautiful photo subjects.

What i love in September:

1. The color orange, it’s popping out everywhere.

2. Pumpkins (you know, orange :)) )

3. Cooked things with pumpkin like cookies, soup, muffins (orange too)

4. It’s still warm, but the heat is gone, what’s not so agreeable for me, but for lots of my friends and for the health of many people and for that reason they are less grumpy :))

5. The sun isn’t setting too early yet, we get enough daylight, a really important benefit for our life.

6. I don’t have to wait so long to shoot a lovely sundown.

7. Cosy sweater, scarv and Jacket- weather. Autumn clothes are gorgeous too.

8. Many beautiful things in nature to take photos of. I will see what i get.

What do you love most about September. The comment box can’t wait to get your autumn ideas.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your September days,

have a nice day,








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