September photo a day challenge, 12. / Made of wood

My enrry for a photo challenge named
Beautiful details of a wooden sailboat

Here are my entries for Citysonnet’s “September photo a day challenge”.

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I love photography challenge with a default theme. It gives you new ideas about what to write and it’s great to discover the thoughts and pictures of other participants about the same topic. There are many ways to interprete the same things.

Wooden walkboard, my entry for a photochallenge
Wooden walkboard in the harbour

Today i have chosen a maritime collection of photos. Last week i enjoyed the beachlife at the north sea coast.

There were so many beautiful wooden details to take pictures of, like the details of the wooden sailship or the wooden boardwalk during the low tide.

I do like wood very much, it’s a solid, strong but simultaneously warm material. It can be used for plenty of different things.

Rescue life boat in the harbour of Büsum during low tide.
Rescue sea boat at the wooden walboard in the harbour

And i love the color and the patterns of the annual rings. It’s fascinating. It’s a natural, grown building material.

Beautiful white, blue striped beach chairs with brown wooden details.
Lovely roofed beach chairs

I hope you enjoyed the photos. For more, click the pictures leading to my social media pages.

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Beautiful rudder of a wooden sailship
Rudder of a beautiful wooden sailship

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