What’s going on?

First of all i would like to thank you for reading and visiting my blog and for commenting on my blogposts. It’s great to know, you like my photos and your positive feedback keeps me going on, so thank you for that !

After a long period of learning what this blogging thing is all about, after many months with only a few visitors and earning only a few cents through the advertisements on my blog, finally my efforts started to produce results.

I had two really good months. I made my first gifted post, more followers and many readers joined my photography journey.

But this month started badly. I don’t know, if it’s only because it’s vacation time or what else could be the reason for the poor views in this month.

Have they altered the algorithm? Is my blog overloaded with pictures? The blog is loading slowly.

Any idea to help me? I have not enough programming skills to know exactly how to improve my blog performance.

What are the best plugins ? Witch ones do i really need? Any advice is very welcome.

Please tell me about your experiences with your wordpress blogs. What brought you the most success with your blog?

Anyways, i will read more about blogging, learning more new things and post more photos for you however the results may be, because it’s my pleasure to brighten up your day with beautiful nature pictures.

Thank you for stopping by,

have a nice day,












  1. I use tinypng.com to shrink the size of my photos which is supposed to help the page load faster. I’ve noticed a lot of different issues with WP lately and it’s so frustrating! 😔

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Hope the photography pages will load faster soon. Have a nice day.

  3. Sometimes, I find that the number of visits and followers I get are completely unpredictable. I always find that weekends are usually slow, but the summer months are usually busy. Go figure.

    I’m not sure what’s going on with the photos – all the photo blogs that I’ve been trying to see today are loading at a glacial speed, and the more photos there are, the slower it is.

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