Hi, my name is Fritz. And who are you?

“Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Fritz. This is a german name, because i come from Germany, exactly from the south of Germany.

I’m a little lizzard, barely as long as your hand. I have many brothers and sisters. Our favorite leisure activities are running, sleeping in the sun and playing hide-and-seek.

My home is a ruin. I love it to chill on the hot murals. During the week it’s very calm here. But on weekend days i need earbuds. The tourists sometimes make kinda noise. And if they approach, i will hide quickly in the greens.

Shall i show you my view?


Not bad, not bad at all. If the weather conditions are good, i can see the “Feldberg” in the Black Forest/ Germany, the “Ballon d’Alsace” /Vosges in France and the spiky peaks of the Swiss Alps. From here i have a perfect panorama view.

The name of my home is Küssaburg. A funny name, “kiss castle”.

I hope you enjoyed to meet me. If so, please share.

Thank you for stopping by,

have a great day,


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