550 Followers – thank you! Share your links in this post.

Thank you very much for every single follow, like, comment and share.

I’m so grateful for your continuous support. This blog were not what it is without you.

The blog exists already a few years. It had only about 20 followers. A year ago i began to take it more serious, to learn more about blogging and how to promote my posts.

Tada, i got a remarkable improvement in my blog stats. And i’m still on my learning way.

I’m grateful for every klick on my advertisements for at last 5 sec, because this increases my blog income.

I’m grateful for every share, because this increases the blog reach.

I’m grateful for every comment, because it’s a joy for me to communicate with my readers.

Thank you for all the positive feedback about my photography, this is what keeps me going on.

To give something in return, share any link or share a goal you would like to reach.

Thank you for stopping by,

have a great day



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