Crepiscular sun rays

Today’s gorgeous sunrays. It was very spectacular to watch the sun go down.


It disappeared behind a huge dark cloud.

Then the sun sent some shy, tiny rays from it’s hiding place and i had to capture them instantly.

And the sun disappeared behind the cloud again. I wated patiently, because i knew there are more crepiscular sunrays to see these days.

Peakaboo, the sun sent some little sunrays through a hole in the cloud.

After this the sun began to send his rays allover the sky. What a magical scene !

It really was awesome, what a wonderful natural lightshow!

I hope you enjoyed this nature spectacle too.

What do you think the creature in the middle of the first picture looks like?

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have a wonderful day,




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  1. Beautiful. We watched a similar event a few weeks ago at the New Jersey shore. When the conditions are right, it’s awesome. M 🙂

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