Do you sell or buy images on stock photography websites?


On webpages like  you may buy professional looking pictures for your personal or commercional use. There are photos on different genres like food, landscape, motivation and much more.

Many bloggers use such images for a professional look of their blog. And there is no need for them to get the photography work done, they can so easily focus on the content they would like to write.

Another great webpage for stock photography is


I have listed only 3 pictures on Getty Images. If you would like to see them, klick the following link   Photos by Karin Ravasio on Getty Images


I don’t know if i would like to have more pictures on the Stock Photography webpages. It’s not so easy to get them listed. Only the highest quality photos, matching certain requirements about composition, light exposure, showing happy faces, immaculate fruits and vegetables, great landscapes, not too artsy photography will be purchased by professional customers.

At the moment i prefer, making my own product designs and selling them in On-demand-onlinestores like

I really like to make clothing and shoe designs and they sell well.


What are your experiences with stock photography? Please tell about them in the comment box.


If you would like to buy some stock photos, you may safe 25 % on your purchase klicking the following link and using the code 3M9PC46N at the ckeckout.

This is an affiliate link. That means if you purchase something through this link, i will get a little commission at no extra cost for you..


Find more promo codes on



Thank you very much for reading and for your continour interest in my nature photography.

Have a wonderful day,



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