My photo got a Guru Top Pick, thank you

Colorful fall leaf with green nackground
Colorful fallphoto

About GuruShots

I’m taking part in the photography challanges on the webpage.

The challenges are free to join for everyone. You may join too, klicking the link above.

There are many different photo challenge themes. The competition lenght varies from a few hours (speed challenges) to a few days.

To get your submitted photos (4 per challenge) visible to others for getting votes, you have to vote for the photos you like most. Just tap on them on your screen and your vote pops up. On the end of the voting klick the “done” button and your voting is safed. Your visibility barometer gets up.

You don’t see the name of the photographer of the photos in the voting (watermarks ar allowed), so everyone get’s the chance to get to the top.

It’s a photo game. You play submitting in whatever challenge you like, voting for others, swaping one photo for another to get a better performance.

You get points for your activity and get higher levels, it’s much fun 😀

GuruShot Awards – get a photo exhibitioned in an international gallery.

There are different awards for your photos on The final rank (top 30%, top 20% and others are shown in the photographer’s profile page.

Visit my page, klicking the photo. You see the ranks hovering over the images.

The best of the GuruShots photochallenges are the competitions with the chance to get exhibitioned in an international gallery.

Several times i got a photo selected to be showcased on the big screen digitally, in Milan, Strassbourg, Berlin, Grece, The Hague. That’s great.

It’s a possibility to get your artwork seen by many photography lovers, to meet nice people and to learn from others.

Finally i got a Guru Top Pick, what an honour !

In every challange, the Guru hosting the competition picks his favorite top shots as a Guru Top Pick.

He picks only a few images from tenthousends of pictures. And this time, it was this beautiful, colorful fall leaf.

Thank you very much !!

View the Guru Top Picks for the leaves challenge here (if you like to see mine, scroll, scroll, scroll……….. 😀)

I hope you had fun reading. Try the photo game out. Keep klicking.

Thank you for stopping by,

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  1. Thank yoou, Sue. It’s great you are on GuruShots too. I wish you much success. Have a nice day.

  2. I enjoy Guru too! Congratulations on getting top pick and for having photographs exhibited. Love the leaf photo.

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