June a photo a day challenge: water

Blue water and a sand beach
Beautiful blue water

Today it was raining, raining.. and guess what? still raining.

So the theme of the June a photo a day challenge being water, fits perfect. Read more about Citysonnet’s photochallenge here .

My favorite water shape is the sea. Perhaps because here in Switzerland we haven’t any.

A stone ramp leading the rescue boat to the water
The rescue ramp

My entries for today i took last year in june. We made a trip to Normandie, France.

I was amazed about the deep blue color of the water. It was so beautiful.

From the ramp above the rescue boat can start immediately if needed. The ship is stored hanging at the ceiling in the rescue house behind me.

Waves crashing at the rocks
Waves crashing at the rocks

I could watch the waves craching against the rock the entire day. It’s fascinating. And i made lots of pictures of the moving water.

We observed the tide coming back. Soon the ramp wasn’t visible anymore.

Waves inceming from the brown stone lighthouse, Normandie, France
More waves

More waves coming in from the beautiful lighthouse. I love the crashing sound. For me that’s a real leisure feeling.

Empty seats at a closed restautant with beautiful view over the sea, Normandie, France
Beautiful view

Who wouldn’t like to sit here with a drink or eat a tasty meal enjoying the gorgeous view and the deep blue water?

Unfortunately it was closed. But there was much more to see this day.

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