Me enjoying a great day with my new gifted sunnies. Thank you @brandyjshop

I really enjoyed a wonderful, sunny first summer day.

It’s so beautiful outside now. Flowercolors everywhere, bees and butterflies fluttering around. It’s filally warm, bright and sunny.

We may be grateful for all the wonders of life surrounding us.

Me, enjoying a wonderful day.

I love my sunnies from brandyjshop

Thank you very much for gifting me them.

The glasses are dark. The size is fitting very well. Nothing hurts. I can looking down without loosing them.

And i love love the reflecting mirror color. It’s so fun and cool.

Obviously i played with the reflecting colors of the natural surrounding taking selfies wearing my cool sunglasses.

Witch one is your favorite picture?

The glasses are dark brown, the frame is silver. I like these colors, because they match my tees so well.

Hope you had fun reading about my sunny day 😎

Thank you for stopping by

have a great day,
















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