Lens-artists weekly photo challenge – delicate

I love it to search delicate things in nature. They are beautiful, tiny, extraordinary. I found the little feather in the forest and was so amazed how flimsy it is.

The little plant bud below looks like a colorful firework.

Mostly i find delicate flowers and plants through macro photography, looking very close. This photo art reveals a kind of beauty barely discovered by the naked eye.

And i really love delicate flower colors. I often can’t get enough admiring the wonderful shapes and shades of common wildflowers like daisies, dandelions or spring blooms.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. If you would like to know more about this photo challenge, klick here

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  1. Hi, Karin. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful set of images. I particularly like images 2 and 3. Happy Photography. Have a wonderful day. Goff

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