How to make a great job and enjoy life

Enjoy life

Enjoy life NOW. Be grateful for what you have. Allow you to make a break, to relax.

There may be dark clouds, but even that can be wonderful.

Work steadily

Work steadily towards your success. Never give up, but also be open for new opportunities.

Get new skills, discover the world as you would see it for the first time.

Believe in you

Don’t compare you with others, because you are unique. You have qualities others don’t have, don’t disrespect them. Go for your dreams.

There are many talented people not believing to be something special. They would like to be photographers, writers, marketers.. but they fail.

Belive in you and never give up. Start a new attempt. Every day is a new occasion to make things better and succeed. Be patient with yourself and with others.

You need discipline to reach your goals

Practice discipline. EVERY – SINGLE – DAY. Go, take the action needed. Use the salami attack. Make every day little tasks toward your goal. Steadily focus on your goals like the captain.

Steven King, the famous writer did write EVERY day a certain amount of pages, if he felt the writing mood or not.

How to do a great job

Go for it, do your job as if it was the best in the whole world, no matter if you feel good about it or not. Reflect on methods to do that job better and better. Fill it with YOUR life.

And belive me, it will become a great job !!

Do a job you like

There are many doing a job they don’t like. They are longing for the finishing time in the evening and would like to spend the working day as fast as possible.

But life is too short to do that. Get you a job you really enjoy. If your hobby is your job, you have never to work again. And if your job is not your hobby, make it as agreable and joyful as you can.

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