Spring, the new beginning

Spring is a wonderful time, isn’t it? New leaves and lovely blooms show off, everywhere new growth is beginning in nature.

Love feelings awake in humans and animals. The air is mild, the sun is wiping away gray landscape colors and gifting us lucent shiny flowers.

It’s such a joy every year to have that new wonderful awakening.

But not only nature may flourish again. We have a new chance every day too.

It’s never too late to learn new skills, to get a better job, to improve mental and overall health, to be happier.

What would you like to see bloom in your life? Go for it, be your own gardener, take care of yourself.

Enjoy what you have, be grateful. Don’t give up. Search new ways to grow. Go out, admire these wonderful, bright spring colors instead of watching dark things on tv and your mind will brighten up too.

Whishing you a wonderful, cheerful, relaxing, fruitful weekend,

with 💕












#Karin Ravasio


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